The idyll in Remstal

Schorndorf - embedded in the charming landscape of the Remstal valley - enjoys great popularity throughout the country. Gottlieb Daimler, the inventor of the high-speed petrol engine, was born in our beautiful town in 1834. That is why Schorndorf is respectfully called "Daimlerstadt". Enjoy the wonderful views of the wonderful Remstal valley, because Schorndorf is surrounded by magnificent nature. Extensive forests, vineyards and orchards invite you to extensive hikes and bicycle tours.

Young town within historical walls

Schorndorf lies about 26 kilometres east of Stuttgart. The historic old town with its half-timbered houses and picturesque market square is one of the most beautiful in Germany. Numerous cafés, boutiques and museums invite you to stroll through the historic Old Town. Schorndorf is also a city with famous citizens like Barbara Künkelin, the fearless leader of the "Schorndorf women". In the Höllengasse is the Gottlieb-Daimler birthplace with a small museum.

The Swabian Wiesell Runway

The reason for the construction of the Wieslaufbahn, also affectionately called "Wiesel" in the vernacular, once lay essentially in the difficult topography and the thin settlement of the Welzheimer forest. The route, which leads from Rudersberg to Welzheim, is considered a tourist attraction in the local recreation area of the Swabian Forest and is one of the most beautiful railway lines in Baden-Württemberg. The mountain railway character from Rudersberg to Welzheim leads over spectacular bridges and viaducts into the Swabian Forest. The historic steam and diesel locomotives promise every railway enthusiast a special railway experience.